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Design Studio Sonata for furniture design was established by the three talented German designers Ulrich Dieckmann, August Breuer and Gebbert Schroeder - graduates of the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart.The founders of the studio Sonata were experimenters, they sought not just to imitate existing styles but they created their own style, style of functional design.

2005 year

The three designers established a design studio Sonata Mobel.

2007 year

The Design Studio is a constant participant of the Furniture show imm Cologne.

2008 year

The company raised capital for building a modern industrial complex in eastern Germany (Dresden).

2010 year

The School of Design Sonata Design was opened in Berlin.

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Design is something deeper than fashion. The basis of design is the evolution of ideas, the evolution of technology. Invention of a wheel was an event of design.

Gaetano Pesce

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When I create a design, I work for people, not for abstract entity, not for market, but for the people I know, the people I love.

Konstantin Grcic

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To create things that can create comfort, one should be guided by the principle of "from function to emotion"

Peter Ghyczy

Sonata Möbel

the furniture that sets the mood



Design, which we put into shape often is ahead of time.

Design Studio

A place where no limits exist, only the freedom of thought gives life to new ideas.

Modern style

Only modern furniture styles, but a fresh look to design.

Our factory

The modern manufacturing complex with advanced equipment.

10 years of experience

Each day is an opportunity to create a new flawless idea.

School of Design

We have created a space where you can experiment.

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